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Dubrovnik is a city that is in fashion now and one of the main reasons is “Game of Thrones”. But before all this fame we had already visited this beautiful city.

We went there not knowing what we were seeing because it was in the route of a Mediterranean Cruise we were doing.

Dubrovnik is in the south of Croatia and it is known as the “Adriatic Pearl”.  It is a city surrounded by walls and we can see them in “Game of Thrones”. Dubrovnik is the scenery for the fictional city, King’s Landing.

In the Middle Age, the prosperity of the city was based on maritime trade and it was the only city that was able to rival with Venice.

The most famous part of the city is the Old Town and that’s what you see in all the pictures of Dubrovnik.

When we walked down the stairs to enter the Old Town we felt a different energy because we were stepping into history.

The Old Town is full of a little cafes and restaurants, monuments and historical buildings with baroque, medieval and renaissance architecture.

Walking through the Placa ( main street of the Old Town), we were able to see many historic monuments and buildings.  Such as the Sponza Palace, the Big and Little Onofrio’s Fountain, the Rector’s Palace and the St. Blaise’s Church.

At the end of the Placa, you can see the Old Port. The trades where made in here! It is such a beautiful port and we were in love with it!

Dubrovnik is a city that we recommend everyone to put in your Bucket List!

What do you think of Dubrovnik? It is a city you would ever visit?

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