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Aveiro – The Portuguese Venice

Aveiro is a city in the shore of Portugal.

The city is known as “The Portuguese Venice” because just like Venice it has a lot of canals.

It is one of the cities with more population in the country and is close to Porto, the second biggest city in Portugal.

Just like Venice, Aveiro has really famous boats. In Venice we have Gondolas and in Aveiro we have Moliceiros. It is a bigger boat and it can take a lot of people at the same time! It is one of the best ways to get to know the city.

Besides being famous for its similarity to Venice, Aveiro is also famous for the production of salt. This production started around 959 and was the centre of salt exploration by the romans. Till this day, the salt exploration is one of the biggest industries of the city.

The beaches are one of the big attractions and the most famous are Barra and Costa Nova.

Aveiro’s architecture is influenced by the pre-kingdom era and the modernist movement. There’s a lot of historic monuments influenced by these such as The Monastery of Jesus, Aveiro’s Railway Station and a lot of houses in Aveiro’s streets.

If you are a person that loves food, you have to try the famous “Ovos Moles”, a traditional sweet. It is  delicious and is made of egg yolks and sugar. This mixture is often put inside of small rice paper shaped in nautical figures like shells. It is in nautical figures because the sea has a big influence in this city.

We both are big fans of this delicacy and every time we go to Aveiro we have to eat it. And besides the traditional “Ovos Moles”, in every bakery the other sweets are also made with “ovos moles”.

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