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Best of Kotor

Kotor was a city that we had zero expectations and that we fell in love with.

We have to be honest and say that we didn’t look to pictures of the city before we went there so we were totally surprised by the beauty of the this city!

We went on a Mediterranean cruise and were able to visit Kotor. The view from the ship entering the port is something we will never forget. It was just breathtaking!

Kotor is a city in Montenegro and is surrounded by fortifications built in the Venetian period.

In the last few years, the tourism has increased due to the beautiful landscapes, the natural environment surrounding the city and the medieval old town.

Walking around the Old Town made us feel like we were in a different era.

In the Old Town we were able to visit the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon. It is one of two Roman Catholic Churches in Montenegro and it was built in 1166.

Another famous sight in the city is the ancient walls which stretch for 4.5km directly above the city.

Before we left the town, we took a taxi and went to a place where we could see the entire port and the city. Another breathtaking view!

Kotor is full of places with such beauty, magic and history!

It´s a place we want to visit again very soon!

What do you think about Kotor? Would you like to visit Montenegro someday?

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