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Montego Bay

Montego Bay is one of the most known cities in Jamaica. “The Second City” or  “MoBay” are other names of Montego Bay!

The city is one of the most visited in Jamaica and has the busiest airport in the English-speaking countries in the Caribbean. The airport is the Donald Sangster International Airport, named after Jamaican Prime-Minister Sir Donald Sangster.

After a 10 hour flight and a stop in Samana in the Dominican Republic, we finally arrived in Montego Bay.

In Jamaica they drive in the wrong side of the road 😛 We are from Portugal so for us it’s the wrong side!

Montego Bay is everything you expect it will be! Beautiful beaches, warm water and friendly people!

Jamaica is what we imagine paradise looks like! It is literally heaven on earth!

The days we were there were really hot but Jamaica has a tropical weather so it rained a little bit in a few days. But after the rain stopped, it was like it never rained.

During our time in this city, we were able to rest from our daily life and enjoy time with our family. We spent the days enjoying some activities in the resort such as kayaking or snorkel. We also went sightseeing in the area.

Jamaica is the perfect place to rest and at the same time to explore! There’s always something new to discover in this country!

Jamaica as everyone must know is the homeland of Bob Marley. The singer is present everywhere. We listen to his songs in every place and his face is in every souvenir shop.

Reggae really is the music genre that everyone hears in Jamaica! Everywhere we go we can listen to it!

Have you ever been to Montego Bay? Did you liked it?

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