Rosefield Watches

Rosefield Watches is a company inspired by the cities of New York and Amsterdam.

It’s the best of both worlds! The products have the contemporary fashion aesthic of New York and the minimalism design of Amsterdam.

Their jewelry and watches are classic and modern at the same time! It’s perfect for everyone because you can wear it in your daily life or at an important event.

We have “The Tribeca” rose gold watch and we absolutely love it! It’s the perfect watch to bring to our travels so we never lose track of time.

It’s a watch that we can wear in any occasion and fits perfectly in our wrists.

If you want to visit the site and see all their products, here is the link: Rosefield Watches.

If you want to buy any of their products, you can use “AmbassadorRFEU” to get a free ‘Mott’ bracelet in rosegold in addition to your purchases!

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