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Do you love postcards and traveling? If you do, this is the perfect post for you! Have you ever heard about Postcrossing before?

Postcrossing is an online project created in 2005 by Paulo Magalhães. He thought that just like him there were other people around the world that loved postcards. So, he decided to create a platform that allowed the exchange of postcards between people.

Basically, you send a postcard to a total random person and then you will receive a postcard from another random person! It’s always a surprise when you go to the P.O. Box because you never knowwho is sending the postcard to you!

Nowadays, there are more than 700000 members from 218 different countries. More than 48 million postcards have been sent in this 13 years.

We have been members for almost 9 years! We have received and sent hundreds of postcards during this time has you can see in the pictures!

 Traveling is something that we always loved to do so this is another way to see the world when we are not able to travel! Receiving each postcard has been a joy that we shared with our family!

The postcards that we have received are from 40 different countries, some of which we never visited before! 

Do you want to be a part of this community also?

All you have to do is create an account and then you are ready to start! You request to send your first postcard and will receive an address and a Postcard ID (the number to register the postcard). When your postcard arrives to the destination, the person that receives it will register it and then all you have to do is wait. You will receive a postcard , register it and that’s it! Really easy 🙂 

Go to their website and discover the world of Postcrossing!