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The most famous and tragic Love Story of Portugal

When we think of a love story, the first one that usually comes to our mind is the love story of  D.Pedro and Inês de Castro.

It is the most famous and tragic love story of Portugal and it was between one of Portugal’s future king and one of his wife’s ladies in waiting.

It all started in 1340 when King Afonso IV arranged a marriage between his son, D.Pedro and D. Constaça , a spanish princess. Constança brought some ladies in waiting with her and among them there was Inês de Castro, a galician noblewoman.

D. Pedro fell in love with Inês and they had a love affair. He was so in love  and became really close with Inês’s brothers, which wasn’t good for the portuguese court.  
King Afonso was furious with this affair so he banished Inês from Court and sent her back to Castille in 1344. But the distance between them did not end their love for each other. 

After giving birth to their third child, D. Constança died in 1349. D. Pedro decided to bring back Inês and they lived together in Coimbra, having four children. 

He wanted to marry her so she would become is second wife but his father didn’t allow it. King Afonso was afraid that their children would claim the throne rather than the legitimate children of D.Constança.

So, to end this he decided that the only solution was to kill Inês de Castro. In 1355, Inês de Castro was killed by three assassins. 

D. Pedro never was the same and started a civil war with his father that lasted 2 years. After his father died, he was crowned King in 1357.

He stated that  had secretly married with Inês de Castro before she died so she was crowned Queen.

It is said that he ordered her body to be exhumed and forced the entire court to kiss her hand. He never stoped looking for her assassins and two of  them were eventually captured. Legend has it that Pedro ripped their hearts out with his bare hands because they had torn his heart out when they had murdered his beloved.

Inês’ body was moved to a tomb in theMonastery of Alcobaça. Pedro’s own tomb was placed opposite hers so that, on Judgement Day, they can look upon each other as they rise from their graves.

Both their marble tombs are gothic and  exquisitely sculpted with scenes from their lives and a promise engraved by D.Pedro that they would be together “Até ao fim do mundo…” (“Until the end of the world…”).

This is one of the most epic love stories that we know and we were so happy to visit the Monastery of Alcobaça! 

What is the most epic love story that you know?

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