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7 Places to Visit in Porto

Porto is the second most important city in Portugal and one of the most visited cities in Europe!

There’s so many beautiful places to discover in Porto! Here we wil tell you the 7 places that you have to visit if you go to Porto!

1 – The Dom Luís I Bridge

It is probably one of the most iconic places in Porto. This bridge links the city of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia and was inaugurated on 31th October 1886.

The views of both cities from the bridge are breathtaking and it is one of our favourite places in the world!

2 – Aliados Avenue

This is the main avenue in the city and its name is an hommage to the allies countries in World War I. The town hall is one of the most beautiful buildings in the avenue.

Here is the place that everyone comes to celebrate special occasions such as New Year’s, Christmas, St. John’s Day, soccer victories, etc… It is literally the heart of Porto!

3 – Almas Chapel

The Almas Chapel or Saint Catherine Chapel is one of the most beautiful in Porto.

The chapel was built in honor of Saint Catherine in the 18th century. There are 15947 blue and white tiles that were added in 1929. In these tiles we can see the lives of Saint Catherine and Saint Francis of Assisi.

4 – São Bento Railway Station

It is one of the most important railway stations in Portugal and it opened in 1864.

The station is located in the historic centre and when you enter it you can see the most beautiful azulejo tiles. There are around 20000 azulejo tiles and they represent some important events that occured in Portugal.

5 – Church of Saint Ildefonso

This is an 18th century church and is located near the Batalha Square.

Its façade also includes azulejo tiles and they depict scenes from the life of Saint Ildefonso and figurative imagery from the Gospels. 

6 – Ribeira

The Ribeira is one of the oldest and most typical places in Porto.

Here is where you will find the real essence of the city! And also the best view of the Dom Luís I Bridge and the Douro River!

7- Crystal Palace Gardens

The Crystal Palace Gardens in Porto were designed in 1860 and the views from here are beautiful!

They are full of romantic gardens and hidden spots! You also can walk along with peacocks here!

Have you ever visited Porto?

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